Positive Persuasion | 3-Course Pack

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Wield the power of language to leverage the art of positive persuasion and make change through exceptional communication skills.

Why do humans do the things (often irrational!) they do? This activation pack dives into human motivators and hacks cognitive glitches (biases) to better understand how to influence people and use the power of language and empathy to make positive, ethical change.

Persuasion is a critical tactic of any change-centric endeavour, as the objective is to affect and move someone to your intended position; this bundle helps you strengthen that skillset.

Participants will receive three courses:

  1. Cognitive Science & Bias
  2. Language & Influence
  3. Ethics & Empathy

You'll also get this bonus brain-provoking content:

  • Tips and Tricks for Activating Change Handbook
  • Storytelling Designercise

This bundle is for creatives, social changemakers, marketing people, and communications managers who want to leverage the art of positive persuasion for greater impacts.

Positive Persuasion | 3-Course Pack includes these courses

Cognitive Science and Biases
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Ethics & Empathy
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Language Influence & Effect
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E-Book | Tips & Tricks to Facilitate Change
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Toolkit | Designercise Storytelling Kit
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