The UnSchool of Disruptive Design is a global experimental knowledge lab for all types of changemakers – designers, artists, educators, innovators, activists, social entrepreneurs and purpose-driven professionals who are interested in activating their careers for positive social and environmental change. 

Our creative brain-activating lab encourages people from diverse professional backgrounds to reorient the way they perceive and act in the world, to maximize their capacity to influence and affect positive social change by design.

Centered on our unique approach to change-making through the Disruptive Design Method, our courses and programs are designed to help emerging leaders and established professionals rapidly up-skill in designing effective systems interventions for social innovation.

We created the Disruptive Design Methodology to offer fresh approaches to skill development and knowledge transfer for the growing global community of people who want to participate in solving significant social and environmental issues. Our three knowledge pillars of systems, sustainability and design allow us to build and share fascinating and unique cerebrally-activating classes that don't exist anywhere else.

We are all about challenging the dominant idea that individual agency is limited in effecting positive change; we believe that anyone can participate in designing a world that works better for all of us.

So, what is disruptive design? And why is it critical that design is focused on positive impacts? Explore our courses to understand the intersection of these pillars of systems thinking, sustainability and design. 

The UnSchool courses are designed for any individual, organization, business or learning institution.

  • Develop skills and knowledge to turn ideas into impact
  • Level up knowledge on critical topics of sustainability, systems thinking, design
  • Go beyond design thinking
  • Enhance learning with expert content that’s fun, flexible and engaging
  • Develop flexible, divergent, three-dimensional thinking skills
  • Increase creative capacity

We work hard to make our classes accessible, engaging, impactful and cognitively activating. Here is what to expect from our core series:

  • All of our core courses are broken up into 5 chapters that you can take one at a time to help build your new knowledge.
  • There are quizzes and reflection questions at the end of each chapter to help with your knowledge retention.
  • The videos involve clear strong audio with visual aids to help reinforce the key concepts of each topic.
  • Each course provides a curated selection of further reading materials and videos for continued self-directed learning.