UnSchool Equity Access

The UnSchool is committed to providing equitable and accessible programs, courses, and tools to our change-maker communities around the world. We give away a minimum of 20% of our content for free which you can find here.

As a self-funded organization, we operate on a lean budget and do not have deep scholarship funds or external philanthropic sources to reach into. That said, we do work hard to distribute our resources to support our applicants in the highest need and between 2015-2022 have given well over $300K worth of scholarships to our programs.

The majority of our financial support comes in the form of need-based partial scholarships to make programs more accessible. We are committed to offering our scholarships to community members who would otherwise be unable to access a program at all.

We also offer additional access support for those identifying as from First Nations, Aboriginal, Native or other Indigenous communities.

If you would like to apply for an equity access scholarship, please do so here >>

We encourage everyone to apply for scholarships if they feel that they would not be able to access our courses otherwise. 

We are always working towards removing financial, physical, language and time barriers. We do this through our scholarship program, having nomadic international program locations that pop up around the world, and offering online education with closed captions, and in the future additional languages. 

We offer scholarships at our own discretion as part of our commitment to equitable and fair access and to maintain a sustainable business model whereby we are able to continue to design, build and support incredible content for creative change makers around the world. 


As you consider whether to request a scholarship or not, please take into consideration the following eligibility considerations: 

  • Have you had some/many opportunities for advancing your learning already? If you are requesting a scholarship because you have already invested in a higher degree program or other programming, you may not be eligible as priority consideration will go to those who have not had the privilege of advanced programming yet in their lives.

  • Do you have resources or networks that you could tap into for tuition support? If so, please reach out to source funds from your personal networks so we may utilize our funds for applicants who do not have such safety nets.

  • Have you reached out to your employer to request professional development reimbursement? If not, please do so before submitting a scholarship request.

  • Have you considered creative ways of sourcing funds such as crowdfunding campaigns or developing products or services to sell. Creativity is at the core of what we do, and we encourage all our participants to come up with alternative options for discovering resources.