What It's All About...


Identify deep-seated implicit biases, explore how they impact decision making, and learn to recode them in a proactive and empowering way. With a specific focus on gender biases, this class unpacks how biases impede gender equity – and how to bust them.


  • Understand the background processes that lead to biases
  • Discover a suite of biases, including implicit biases, and unpack how they affect decision making
  • Learn to identify biases and how they are playing out in your brain and in the world around you
  • Develop the capacity to bust past and recode biases (yours and others')
  • Understand how stereotypes form and how to recode them
  • Uncover how implicit biases and gender biases are impeding gender equity
  • Learn how to intervene to boost empathy, and overcome the biases that are impeding equity


This class will help you identify deep-seated implicit biases that lead to snap judgments, and it will give you the tools to start recoding them in a proactive and empowering way. You'll learn about a whole suite of biases, including implicit biases, uncover the ways in which they affect decision making, and learn tricks for busting past them – both your's and other people's. You'll also uncover the background process that leads to biases in the first place – learning how our minds comprehend the world, filter information, trick us into thinking particular ways about things, and use the categorization strategy that can lead to reductive thinking. Through a fascinating case study on the research and development of the Gender Equity toolkit, you will discover how biases are perpetuating the status quo of inequity and will gain tools to overcome biases, build empathy and work towards achieving gender equity. By the end of this course you'll have developed more mastery over your cognitive processes, and, as a result, will be able to make more ethical and considered decisions in your interactions.

Dr. Leyla Acaroglu
Dr. Leyla Acaroglu

Sustainability provocateur and cultural protagonist Dr. Leyla Acaroglu challenges people to think differently about how the world works. As an award winning designer, UNEP Champion of the Earth, sociologist, and entrepreneur, she developed the Disruptive Design Method and designs cerebrally activating experiences, gamified toolkits, and unique educational experiences that help people make the status quo obsolete. Her mainstage TED talkon sustainability has been viewed over a million times, and she leads presentations around the world on activating positive social change through creative interventions and systems thinking.