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The UnSchool of Disruptive Design offers creatives and non-creatives alike the practical skills and mental tools that support activating positive change. Our method sets you up with design research, systems thinking, and creative development skills to create positive social and environmental disruptions for a circular and sustainable future. This free course is the perfect place to start to design your learning journey and discover how the UnSchool experience works.



  • Multimedia Lessons

    With a blend of reading and engaging video content, you will be able to see , read and hear all the basics that you need to get you going from the first day. Join the community app to get peer feedback!

  • How-To Worksheets

    Take the knowledge and put it into action with clear, practical and quick how-to activity sheets that clearly apply what you just learned so you can take it into your next projects immediately.

  • Reflection Prompts

    Our courses will rapidly upskill your creative change-making capacity, while still offering the space to reflect and integrate your new learning. Take the time to reflect and connect with peer mentors in the UnSchool community.

Sampler Contents

  • 01

    Welcome to the UnSchool!

    • About This Tasting Plate

    • Welcome Message from Leyla

    • Who Are We?

    • Our Mission

    • Equity Access

    • Sustainability Code

    • The UnSchool Community

    • Alumni Feedback

  • 02

    What We Teach

    • Our Three Knowledge Pillars: Systems, Sustainability & Design

    • The Disruptive Design Method

    • The Disruptive Design Methodology

  • 03

    Learning with the UnSchool Online

    • Course Lengths, Access & Investments

    • The UnSchool Knowledge Sharing Formula

    • Completion Certificates, Badges and Certification

  • 04

    Systems Thinking Courses

    • Systems Thinking 101

    • About Systems Thinking

    • Systems Thinking Courses and Content

  • 05

    Disruptive Design Courses

    • The Disruptive Design Method

    • About Disruptive Design

    • Disruptive Design Courses and Content

  • 06

    Sustainability Courses

    • About Sustainability

    • What is Sustainability Really About?

    • Sustainability Courses and Content

  • 07

    Circular Economy Courses

    • The Circular Economy

    • About The Circular Economy

    • Circular Economy Courses and Content

  • 08

    Creative Change Courses

    • Mastering Change

    • About Creative Change

    • Creative Change Courses and Content

  • 09

    Cognitive Sciences Courses

    • Cognitive Biases

    • About Cognitive Sciences

    • Cognitive Sciences Courses and Content

  • 10

    What Next?

    • Peer Mentorship

    • Stay Motivated

    • Peer Mentorship Kit

    • Contact Us

Dr. Leyla Acaroglu

Meet UnSchool Founder and Course Facilitator

Sustainability provocateur, award-winning designer, 2016 UNEP Champion of the Earth, and creative changemaker pioneer, Dr. Leyla Acaroglu challenges people to think differently about how the world works. As the founder of the UnSchool and creator of the Disruptive Design Method, Leyla weaves together her skills as a designer, sociologist, and social entrepreneur to create highly immersive educative experiences. She is a renowned international expert on systems thinking and sustainability, running workshops around the world and designing activating experiences, gamified toolkits, and unique educational experiences that help equip people with the tools to intervene and change systems to make the status quo obsolete. Sought after for her unique approach to activating positive social change by design, Leyla's main-stage TED talk on sustainability has been viewed over a million times, and she is the author of several handbooks, as well as an op ed contributor for major publications like the New York Times.

Dr. Leyla Acaroglu

UnSchool Founder + Global Change Maker

Dr. Leyla Acaroglu

Meet UnSchool Founder and Course Facilitator