3-Step Process Toward Sustainability in Business

Sustainability can be complex and overwhelming at times. By understanding the terminology, methods, and best practice assessment tools, you can take action and design the approaches that will work best in your industry and organization. This 4 week sprint has been designed after thousands of hours of workshops, trainings, projects and professional expertise in the area of operational, product and experiential aspects of sustainability in business and organizations. It is designed to support an assessment and action-oriented approach to transforming business practices to be more sustainable.

Course curriculum

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    Download the Course Handbook

    • Download the full Workbook

  • 03

    Week 1: Getting Started

  • 04

    Week 2: Understand & Assess Your Impacts

    • Week 2 Overview

    • Read: Environmental Impacts

    • Watch: Introduction to the Operational Phase

    • Watch: Introduction to Business Impact Areas

    • Read: Benchmarking Your Impacts

    • Watch: Environmental Auditing

    • Read: Environmental Auditing

    • Read: Operational Impacts: Auditing for Energy, Water, Waste, Travel and Infrastructure

    • Watch: Introduction to Product Level Impacts

    • Watch an Introduction to Life Cycle Thinking

    • Read: Product Assessment, Life Cycle Assessment

    • Read: Product Assessment, Supply Chain Sustainability

    • Read: Supply Chain Auditing and Mapping

    • Watch: How to do a supply chain map

    • Read: Product Impacts, Environmental Standards ad Product Labels

    • Watch: Introduction to Experiential Impacts

    • Read: Experiential Impacts, Assessment

    • Read: Customer Journey Mapping

    • Team Discussion Guide: Knowing Your Impacts

    • Summary of Week 2 Actions

  • 05

    Week 3: Taking Action

    • Week 3 Overview

    • Read: Checklists and Action Settings

    • Download: Events Checklist

    • Read: Procurement Example

    • Read: Technology Procurement and E-Waste Examples

    • Read: About Environmental Product Declarations

    • Watch: Sustainable Design Strategies

    • Read: Sustainable Design Strategies

    • Action: Eliminating Waste

    • Action: Making Agreements

    • Action: Carbon Emission Reduction

    • Watch: Carbon Emissions

    • Action: Divestment Opportunities

    • Read: Designing Experiences that Make Change

    • Summary of Week 3 Actions

    • Team Discussion Guide: Your Actions

  • 06

    Week 4: Policies & Reporting

    • Week 4 Overview

    • Watch: Policies

    • Read: Policy Development

    • Read: Environmental Polices

    • Download: Policy Development Action Checklist

    • Read: Reporting and Improvement

    • Read: Types of Reporting

    • Read: Reporting Frameworks

    • Read: Reporting Tools, Corporate Social Responsibility

    • Watch: Greenwashing

    • Read: Avoiding Greenwashing

    • Explore the Sins of Greenwashing

    • Watch: Going beyond the obvious

    • Read: Going Beyond the Obvious

    • Summary of Week 4 Actions

    • Team Discussion Guide: Your Future

  • 07

    Next steps

    • Additional Resources and Links

    • Advance Your Learning

    • Access and share your Certificate of Completion

    • Check off your activities quiz

    • A final Note

Step by Step Framework for Sustainability

Identify, assess & take action

  • Step 1: Understand the impacts that your different areas of business actions have and how decisions made within your operational, product and experiential offerings interact with the natural world.

  • Step 2: Develop techniques for assessing, measuring, changing and reporting.

  • Step 3: Put into place the changes needed to make a positive impact.

Dr. Leyla Acaroglu

Framework designed by

Sustainability provocateur, award-winning designer, 2016 UNEP Champion of the Earth, and creative changemaker pioneer, Dr. Leyla Acaroglu challenges people to think differently about how the world works. As the founder of the UnSchool and creator of the Disruptive Design Method, Leyla weaves together her skills as a designer, sociologist, and social entrepreneur to create highly immersive educative experiences. She is a renowned international expert on systems thinking and sustainability, running workshops around the world and designing activating experiences, gamified toolkits, and unique educational experiences that help equip people with the tools to intervene and change systems to make the status quo obsolete. Sought after for her unique approach to activating positive social change by design, Leyla's main-stage TED talk on sustainability has been viewed over a million times, and she is the author of several handbooks, as well as an op ed contributor for major publications like the New York Times.

Dr. Leyla Acaroglu

UnSchool Founder + Global Change Maker


“Fundamentally changing the perspective from impossible to absolutely possible!”

Miljögiraff, CEO

Marcus Wendin

“Not only helped me explore different approaches and session formats to try out in my own training workshops, but it also made me revisit my strengths and points to be improved to better my facilitation skills. Definitely the best training I had in my life!”

Communications Manager, Founder of the Lookout Station at European Forest Institute

Rina Tsubaki

“The UnSchool has had a profound effect on me by redefining the way in which I view the world and altering my reflection upon past experiences. I felt continuously stretched and challenged, but ultimately transformed both personally and professionally. It has been the catalyst to inspire change in ourselves before we set out to change our worlds.”

Corporate Venture Builder, ADQ

Mohammed Bashkeel

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