The Disruptive Design Method is the UnSchool approach of mining, landscaping and building creative interventions for positive change outcomes, this program focuses activating systems change utilizing the DDM in order to bring about the circular economy. There is a strong focus on redesigning for circular outcomes throughout the small group sessions held twice a week for a month, with direct & peer feedback to support advancing and upskilling in these areas. This immersive program is designed for professionals from a variety of different backgrounds interested in activating positive impact, fostering a systems-based mindset, designing change outcomes, and developing the leadership skills for challenging the status quo.


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Applications open on a rolling basis. Enrolment is limited to small group sessions, so the earlier you apply the better. Apply before the UnSchool's 8th birthday on Sept 8th and get $200 off your tuition if accepted!



"This course has definitely got me thinking and seeing things in a new way and proven super helpful. It has made me realize that there are concrete, actionable ways to impact the world and be an agent of change and exert the power that we have within our sphere of influence. It’s just a starting point and I’m hungry for more!" — Krista Kaufmann, Community Builder, Impact Hub Lausanne



  • Engaging Sessions

    Live x2/week online sessions, characterized by being highly participatory, engaging, and inspiring. They rapidly increase your skills and knowledge, and give a boost to your positive future framing ability.

  • How-To Skills

    Take the knowledge you learn, and put it into action with clear, practical and quick how-to activities that clearly apply what you just learned so you can take it into your next projects immediately. Start using these tools immediately.

  • Peer Connections

    Rapidly upskill your creative change-making capacity, with space to reflect and connect with your like-minded peers. Discover peer mentors in the wider UnSchool community after the program and grow your change making network.


  • Deep insights and understanding of regenerative processes and projects (in a design context but not just product-design) and how to become a regenerative practitioner/change-maker

  • Tools for designing positively disruptive and creative interventions to leverage systems change

  • Understanding of how the brain works in creative processes and how to better access surprise-driven creativity

  • Insights on how to develop a practice in circular systems design

  • Methods and practices that will give you a head start in leading and designing products for the circular economy

  • How to find inspiration in the systems around you and develop positively disruptive interventions that make positive change


Places limited

Workshop Curriculum

Sessions are adaptive to change depending on participants areas of interest

  • 01

    Welcome to the Masterclass

    • A Welcome Message from Leyla

    • Program Overview

    • Our Online Community Guidelines

    • Watch: An introduction to The UnSchool Content

    • Prepare a Personal Introduction

  • 02

    Program Preparation Materials

    • Read: Preparation Materials

    • Watch: What is the Disruptive Design Method

    • Watch: Introduction to the Disruptive Design Method

    • Watch: Introduction to Sustainability

    • Watch: Introduction to the Circular Economy

    • Watch: Introduction to Systems Thinking

    • Download: The Disruptive Design Method Handbook

    • Download: Circular Systems Design handbook

    • Additional Resources (Book List)

  • 03

    Video Recordings of Live Sessions

    • Session Zoom Links

  • 04

    Session 1: Introduction to the DDM and Sustainability

    • Read: The Disruptive Design Method

    • Read: Innovation and Positive Disruption

    • Watch: Sustainability Introduction

    • Read: The Power of Design

    • Watch: Mindset Shifts

    • Activity 1: Define a Problem Arena

  • 05

    Session 2: Circular Economy & Life Cycle Thinking

    • Read: About the Circular Economy

    • Read: From the Linear to the Circular Economy

    • Read: Core Concepts, Technical and Circular Flows

    • Watch: What is Life Cycle Thinking?

    • Read: Life Cycle Thinking

    • Read: Tips for Developing a Life Cycle Approach

    • Read: Life Cycles Stages

    • Read: How to do a Life Cycle Map

    • Activity 2: Do A Life Cycle Map

    • Download: Life Cycle Mapping Worksheet

    • Read: Online Systems and Life Cycle Mapping Tools

    • Bonus Download: Circular Economy ReDesign Workshop Kit

  • 06

    Session 3: DDM Mining Phase, Research and Systems Mapping

    • Read: The Mining Phase

    • Watch: Types of Research Approaches

    • Read: Overview of Research Approaches

    • Read: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods

    • Watch: Observational Research

    • Read: Observational Research

    • Activity 3: Develop a Research Plan

  • 07

    Session 4: DDM Landscaping Phase, Systems Mapping

    • Read: The Landscaping Phase

    • Read: What is Systems Thinking?

    • Watch: How Wolves Change Rivers

    • Read: Developing a Systems Mindset

    • Read: What is Systems Mapping?

    • Watch: Introduction to Systems Mapping

    • Activity 4: How to do Cluster Maps

    • Download: Cluster Mapping Instruction Sheets

  • 08

    Session 5: Landscaping Phase, Systems Change

    • Read: Systems Dynamics

    • Read: Systems Archetypes

    • Video: Systems Archetypes

    • Watch: Systems Dynamics & Archetypes

    • Read: Causal Loop Diagrams

    • Read: Interconnected Circles Maps

    • Activity 5: Interconnected Circles Map Instructions

  • 09

    Session 6: Systems Thinking and Systems Change

    • Read: Theory of Change

    • Introduction to a Theory of Change

    • Mastering Change

    • Watch: Framing Change

    • Activity 6: Theory of Change Worksheet

    • Read: Circular Design

    • Designing Systems Interventions

    • Read: Designing for the Circular Economy

  • 10

    BONUS CONTENT: Make Change Lecture Series

    • Make Change Part 1

    • Make Change Part 2

    • Make Change Part 3

    • Make Change Part 4

    • Make Change Part 5

  • 11

    Session 7: Gamification & Activating Change

    • Read: Wonders of The Human Brain

    • Read: Neurochemicals

    • Read: The Human Cognitive Experience

    • Video: Human Motivators and Experience Design

    • Read: Social Construction

    • Read: Types of Motivation

    • Read: Challenging Social Norms

    • Watch: High Impact Human Experience Design

    • Read: Gamification

    • Video: What is Gamification?

    • Read: Elements of Gamification

    • Read: 4 Ms of Gamifed Experience Design

    • Watch: Designing gamified experiences that activate change

    • Activity 7: How to Design a Game

    • Read: Playtesting

  • 12

    Bonus Extra: Cognitive Science and Bias

    • Cognitive Bias 1

    • Cognitive Bias 2

    • Cognitive Bias 2

    • Cognitive Bias 4

  • 13

    Session 8: DDM Building Phase

    • Read: The Building Phase

    • Read: Ideas and Ideation

    • Watch: Introduction to Ideation and Creativity

    • Read: Our 10 Golden Rules of Ideation

    • Watch: Ideation Approaches

    • Read: Types of Prototyping

    • Bonus Activity: Group Domino Ideation

    • Activity 8: Develop and Pitch Your Idea

  • 14

    Session 9: Final Session Pitches, Applying the DDM & Activating Change

    • Watch: Activating Agency

    • Read: Activating Your Agency

    • Watch: Activating Change

    • Read: Ideas to Action

    • Co-Design Process

    • Read: Identifying & Overcoming Inaction

    • Activity: Feedback Loop Of Inaction Activity Worksheet

    • Activity: Personal Code of Conduct Worksheet

  • 15

    Peer Mentoring 4 Week Protocol

    • Overview of 4 Week Voluntary Peer Mentoring

    • Download: Peer-mentoring 4 week support pack

  • 16

    Get your Certificate of Completion

    • Get your certificate of completion!


Brought to you with the collective minds of UnSchool founder Dr. Leyla Acaroglu and designer Emma Segal. Sustainability provocateur, 2016 UNEP Champion of the Earth, and cultural protagonist, Dr. Leyla Acaroglu challenges people to think differently about how the world works. Illustrator, designer & creative change-maker, Emma Segal uses visual language to show people how they can make change in the systems around us. Both Leyla and Emma are award-winning designers and educators passionately committed to making things that make the world a better place while helping others to do the same.

Leyla Acaroglu + Emma Segal

Collaborative Project


Places limited

Tuition Fee