Creative Change Maker Card Game & Activity Pack

Developed with the Support of SEAC

As part of our 20% open source content policy we have designed a fun hands-on toolkit that shares a series of activities designed for the Change Makers Lab created for SEAC Thailand. In this pack you get a full card game pack in Thai and English as a series of over 21 games to play with them focused on sustainability, systems thinking, active citizenship and making change.

Whats in this Free Toolkit?

  • 4 x print and play bilingual card decks (Thai and English)

  • 21 interactive activities

  • Hours of educational content to build capacity in systems thinking, sustainability, active citizenship and the circular economy

Free Download

What you get in the

  • 01

    ChangeMakers Lab Card Games Download

    • About the UnSchool Change Makers Lab

    • About SEAC

  • 02

    The Free Toolkit

    • How to use the toolkit

    • View and Download the DIY Toolkit!