What It's All About...


Take your understanding and application of systems thinking to the next level. Learn advanced techniques for creating change-making systems interventions.


  • Upskill with a deeper synthesis of all the components of the identifying, understanding, and mapping systems and problem arenas.
  • Identify the non-obvious elements, connections, and aspects of the systems that you have been exploring
  • Learn to apply a scope to your problem arena and identify where to intervene
  • Get the tools that will enable you to gain a more granular understanding of the phenomena at play in systems
  • Develop advanced systems perspectives and the ability to develop tactical tools for effecting change.
  • Unpack mechanisms, models, and mechanics of making change
  • Develop a theory of change
  • Build a strong foundation for leveraging effective systems interventions, and design systems in which these interventions can exist.


This advanced systems thinking course teaches you tools to uncover practical approaches to applied systems thinking to affect positive change. In this class, you will learn to see critical relationships, understand feedback loops, and conduct consequence analyses. You will also establish causal relationships and gain radical insights into systems dynamics.

In the previous courses* you will have gone through different approaches to identifying, understanding, and mapping systems and problem arenas, in this one, you will gain a deeper synthesis of how all the components fit together.

The tools gained in this course will prepare you to identify where and how to intervene in a system, build effective systems interventions, plus design systems in which these interventions can exist.

*We recommend you take these courses before diving into this one:

  • Systems Thinking
  • Sustainability
  • Make Change
  • Cognitive Bias & Science

Dr. Leyla Acaroglu
Dr. Leyla Acaroglu
UnSchool Founder + Global Change Maker

Design disruptor, creative boundary pusher, and sustainability provocateur, Dr. Leyla Acaroglu  embodies the innovation that instigates positive environmental and social change. A designer, social scientist and entrepreneur, she is internationally recognized as a global leader in sustainability, design, systems thinking and the circular economy. As the creator of the Disruptive Design Method Leyla is invited to work with governments, corporations and organizations around the world supporting their transition to a circular and sustainable future.  For her work, Leyla has won several awards and was announced in 2016 as Champion of the Earth by the United Nations Environment Programme. She is frequently invited to speak at high-level events around the world with her mainstage TED talk having collected over one million views. She is the founder of Disiprt Design and the CO Project Farm in Portugal. As founder of The UnSchool she is constantly exploring new ways of rapidly transferring knowledge and capacity to people interested in making a positive impact on the planet.