Program Overview

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By exploring a broad spectrum foundation of what sustainability is and how it applies to business decision-making, you will increase your core understanding of the contemporary approaches to sustainability, the science backing it up and the many reasons why it's now a critical part of society and business decision making. This program has been designed to increase your comprehension around common terms and concepts such as planetary boundaries, externalities, ecosystem services, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as well as equip you with the language and tools around environmental and social impact assessment. You will learn to think critically about what sustainability is and how to integrate it into your business decisions, sift through green myths, understand how to prevent greenwashing, and identify ways to validate sustainability claims and actions.

What You'll Learn

Increase your understanding of what contemporary sustainability is, why it's so critical to modern society, and how it impacts you in your workplace through this Sustainability Skills training program.

  • Examine the different dimensions of sustainability, begin recognizing impact areas, consider planetary boundaries, and review sustainability actions through a global lens to expand your perspective and inform your activation plan

  • Recognize the great impact that the Anthropocene and externalities have on humans and the environment

  • Define what sustainability is and explain how sustainable value is created

  • Describe the limits of the Earth and the impact this has on humans

  • Explain the global corporate shift towards sustainability and the need for impact reduction

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How You’ll Learn

By the end of the Sustainability training program, you should be able to confidently identify critical impact areas, understand how to measure and assess those impacts, and be ready to start taking tangible actions to activate sustainability within your organization.

  • Downloadable worksheets and additional content to support all types of learners

  • Reflection prompts to do individually or together with your team

  • All courses involve interactive drag-and-drop quizzes, videos, audio, animated graphics, and additional sources