Future of the Sustainable Workplace Report

This 83 page fully illustrated 3-part report explores the macro and micro trends driving change and the impacts of massive disruptions like Covid-19 and climate change on the workplace.


  • The Sustainability Status

    This decade was already set up to be one of great change even before the crises of early 2020. Transformation of the entire economy and social practices were accelerated by the global pandemic that swept around the world, wreaking havoc on markets, rapidly changing business operations, altering people’s lives and challenging healthcare systems.

  • The Drivers of Change

    In this section, we explore the relationship between business and sustainability, showing the drivers influencing change as identified through our trend analysis. We explore how they emerged and what pioneering organisations are already doing to adapt to these influential forces, showing how Covid-19, sustainability, climate change, and the Circular Economy are affecting the workforce in multi-pronged ways.

  • The Diagnostic Toolkit

    This toolkit has been designed to help you assess your current sustainability and climate-positive journey so that you can take action. ​ It helps establish where you are right now, supports your sustainability journey towards getting started or progressing further, and helps frame a strategy you can employ to enhance your sustainability and climate-positive journey within your organisation.