Program Overview

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Climate literacy is critical for companies of all sizes and within all industries, as the growing global demand for significant action is placing pressure on public and private organizations to take responsibility for their direct and indirect carbon contributions. You will also attain the necessary tools for developing substantial actions within your organization, such as: carbon footprinting, GHG emissions, Impact measurement, The Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Scope 3 emissions, target setting. By the end of this Climate Literacy course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of what climate change is, the risks associated with inaction, how the global community is working to address climate change, and your role within this. You will also be able to recognize the impacts of climate change on the Earth & society, identify the contribution of different industries to climate change, and begin formulating actions that your company can take now.

What You'll Learn

In this Climate Literacy course, you will level up your understanding of climate change and action by diving into the key terms and concepts. Dive into the science of greenhouse gasses, critically consider the processes that contribute to climate impacts, review the risks, opportunities, and impacts of climate action (and inaction), firm up your knowledge of key terms and concepts, and finally, counterbalance this by engaging with climate hope.

  • Get equipped with the necessary foundational skills for understanding how to measure climate impacts and create mitigation strategies.

  • Explore a full suite of available resources for GHG accounting, carbon assessments, and product footprints.

  • Examine what business and climate leadership looks like, review key actions, and consider a climate action plan.

  • Learn about key reporting frameworks and net zero standards, as well as receive a business actions checklist that helps you formulate a new climate strategy (or check your existing one) right away.

Get started on your climate-ready transformation

How You’ll Learn

Stand out as a climate leader after you've learned to distinguish what's most impactful for organizational and corporate climate strategy, and help ensure that your organization is taking accountability for its contribution to the climate crises on its way to becoming climate positive.

  • Downloadable worksheets and additional content to support all types of learners

  • Reflection prompts to do individually or together with your team

  • All courses involve interactive drag-and-drop quizzes, videos, audio, animated graphics, and additional sources