Program Overview

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Embracing the shift to sustainability means embracing the circular economy, a movement away from a take, make, waste model of production and business, to one that is waste-free and regenerative. As such, here you'll immerse yourself in understanding the shift to the Circular Economy, how it is affecting businesses, and what opportunities, issues and approaches for circular redesign and business development are available.

What You'll Learn

Strengthen your foundational knowledge and provide a solid support to build your comprehensive understanding of why the current linear economy endangers sustainability, what the circular economy is all about, and how both the opportunities and challenges alike may impact your business.

  • Explore an overview of the main circular economy business models and design strategies and walk through the key science that underpins the circular economy, as you examine concepts such as nutrient flows, metabolisms and inputs and outputs.

  • Learn the critical concepts and terms such as product stewardship, industrial ecology and reverse logistics in order to grow your full-spectrum comprehension of what the circular economy means today.

  • Gain the applicable skills needed to redesign businesses and products to fit within a circular model.

Get started on your circular business transformation

How You’ll Learn

Understand the key science that underpins the circular economy, get up to speed with critical circular concepts, and review circular business models that can help inform your own circular redesign strategy. Complete practical activities, including a circular SWOT and redesign process to explore which circular business models fit your business case.

  • Downloadable worksheets and additional content to support all types of learners

  • Reflection prompts to do individually or together with your team

  • All courses involve interactive drag-and-drop quizzes, videos, audio, animated graphics, and additional sources