LIVE: October 19-23, 2020. Sustainability can be complex and overwhelming at times, understanding the difference between the terminology, methods, assessment tools and then deciding what works best for your industry and scenario are all considerations that managers and senior leaders face. This program lays out the core thinking and decision making tools required to advance sustainability and the circular economy within the business environment, led by Dr. Leyla Acaroglu, UNEP Champion of the Earth, Designer and Sociologists. Her expertise in sustainability and tools for the circular economy allows for a rapid uptake and understanding of the core considerations that anyone working to affect change within an organisation needs to know. The one week live program offers 3 intensive sessions with pre and post program content access. Learn from the best and get access to great checklists and support content.


  • Sustainability, what it is, what it is not, and how to do it well. How it applies to business, workplaces and decision making.

  • A clear overview of all the terms and concepts that apply to sustainability, carbon positive workplaces and the circular economy.

  • Circular Economy business strategies, decision making and innovation opportunities

  • Life cycle thinking and understanding the supply chain, design and manufacturing of products you make and also consume, this supports base-case assessment, design changes, and also procurement choices.

  • Business ethics and leadership tools for engaging your people in effective, respectful and motivating ways, with action checklists and support in writing environmental policies and reporting.

  • Get access to pre and post program contact, Leyla's handbooks and workbook to support your business sustainability journey



  • 02

    Workshop Preparation Material

    • Download the Design Systems Change Handbook

    • Prepare your short introduction

    • Our Online Community Guidelines

  • 03

    Download the Workshop Activation Workbook

    • Workshop Activation Handbook

  • 04

    Zoom Session Recordings

    • Zoom Links

  • 05

    Sustainability in Business

    • Introduction to Sustainability and Circular Economy

    • Advancing Sustainability in Business

    • Sustainability Key Terms

    • Climate Actions

    • Green Jobs and the Green Economy

    • Intro to Business Impact Areas

    • Greenwashing and Green Myths

  • 06

    The Circular Economy

    • The Shift Towards A Green & Circular Economy

    • Circular Design

    • Linear to Circular Economy Reflection Activity

    • Redesign Worksheet

  • 07

    Operational Impacts, Planing and Actions

    • Business Impact Areas and Activities

    • Environmental Impact Assessment and Actions

    • Climate Change Action: Measurement and Mitigation

    • Checklist for Events and Conferences

  • 08

    Life Cycle Thinking

    • Life Cycle Thinking and Assessment

    • What is Life Cycle Thinking and Why is it Important?

    • Life Cycle Thinking Tools and Links

  • 09

    Business Ethics

    • Integrity and Ethics

    • Business and Personal Ethics

    • Theory of Change

    • Theory of Change Worksheet

    • Personal Code of Conduct Worksheet

    • A lesson on ethics from Mr Nobel

    • Additional Resources

  • 10

    Policy Development

    • Developing Environmental Policies and Procedures

    • Greenwashing and Green Myths

    • Policy Development Checklist

    • Certification and Labels

  • 11

    Post Program Session: Activating Change in the Workplace

    • Organizational Change

    • Framing Change

    • Being a Change Intrapreneur

    • Mastering Change

    • Mindset Shifts

    • Actioning Creative Change Worksheets

  • 12

    Next Steps

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Dr. Leyla Acaroglu

Sustainability provocateur, award-winning designer, 2016 UNEP Champion of the Earth, and creative changemaker pioneer, Dr. Leyla Acaroglu challenges people to think differently about how the world works. As the founder of the UnSchool and creator of the Disruptive Design Method, Leyla weaves together her skills as a designer, sociologist, and social entrepreneur to create highly immersive educative experiences. She is a renowned international expert on systems thinking and sustainability, running workshops around the world and designing activating experiences, gamified toolkits, and unique educational experiences that help equip people with the tools to intervene and change systems to make the status quo obsolete. Sought after for her unique approach to activating positive social change by design, Leyla's main-stage TED talk on sustainability has been viewed over a million times, and she is the author of several handbooks, as well as an op ed contributor for major publications like the New York Times.

Dr. Leyla Acaroglu

UnSchool Founder + Global Change Maker

What people say about our programs

“The Disruptive Design workshop far exceeded my expectations. The content has given me a practical way to delve into complex problems, exploring thinking far beyond my normal lines of inquiry, and to surface new areas for intervention and innovative ways of designing those interventions. Everyone who is tackling systems should learn this.”

New Zealand Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Catriona McLagan

“This masterclass has definitely stretched my brain. My brain does hurt but it was absolutely worth it, my work will be less stressful now that I can sift through my messy brain. Thank you for saying it’s okay to procrastinate and that it helps, thank you for reminding me that we need to be more compassionate because we need more people to adhere to sustainability in order to make the world better, we just can’t do it alone.”

Group Sustainability & CSR Executive at The Lux Collective

Evita Fakun

“The UnSchool has had a profound effect on me by redefining the way in which I view the world and altering my reflection upon past experiences. I felt continuously stretched and challenged, but ultimately transformed both personally and professionally. It has been the catalyst to inspire change in ourselves before we set out to change our worlds.”

Management Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group

Mohammed Bashkeel Alkhazraji

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