UnSchool Fellowship Foundation 6-Course Pack

So you want to make change in the world? Well, this set of knowledge is the foundation for getting started!

This set of 6 classes is the core knowledge set we offer our UnSchool Fellows who come to our 7-day emerging leaders program (you can find out more about it here). In this set of curated classes you go through the foundations for developing a practice in activated change-making.

Classes include:

1. Introduction to the Disruptive Design Method

2. Sustainability

3. Systems Thinking

4. Make Change

5. Gamification and Game Theory

6. Cognitive Science and Bias

This set of 6 classes also includes the **bonus** MAKE CHANGE and the DISRUPTIVE DESIGN METHOD Handbooks, by Leyla Acaroglu.

UnSchool Fellowship Foundation 6-Course Pack includes these courses

Overview of The Disruptive Design Method for Activating Positive Social Change
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Systems Thinking
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Make Change
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Gamification and Game Theory
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Cognitive Science and Biases
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