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Discover the user manual for the human brain! Learn how to hack cognitive glitches and overcome biases that impede change

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Warning: Brain rewiring will occur, after hacking the cognitive glitches and biases that impede change through our dive into how the human brain works!

Build a user manual for the human brain with our fascinating exploration of all things cognitive, from how our brains work to the biases that impede our thinking!

The human brain is an incredibly powerful tool, one which modern science is only just beginning to understand. Regardless of the enormous advancements our species has made over time, we have barely nicked the inherent potential of our brains! Thanks to MRI scans, science has started to gain a much deeper understanding of the inner secret workings of the human brain. We still have a long way to go to get the full picture, but the last decade has helped us to discover the brain body relationships and start to identify the roles that neurochemicals have in our motivation and actions, along with the fascinating capacity for neuroplasticity - literally the ability for our brains to reprogram themselves, even after trauma.

Learn how to hack cognitive glitches and overcome biases that impede change.

Our experiences define our understanding of the world. Our ability to comprehend all that is around us is dictated by a series of complex neurological processes that are often riddled with cognitive glitches (biases) that are socially transferable, resulting in many of the weird cultural phenomena we see occurring around us. In this knowledge session we explore the relationship between the brain’s inner workings, our experiences of the world, and consequently, our capacity to influence and affect change in it. From the conscious to subconscious, we look at neurochemical influencers and explore how biases impact our emotions and actions.

This class explores how we make decisions and the power of social influencers that subtly construct our world and their impact upon the wider human experience. We will be looking at such things as what motivates people in their decision making (it’s not always what you think!) and the effects those choices have on our day-to-day lives. We will investigate how cognitive experiences and biases greatly influence perceptions and actions. This is the perfect, definitive guide for any human brain owner-- an operating manual for understanding and hacking your own fears, thoughts, and actions.
Key Concepts: cognitive sciences and human experience; social constructionism; behavioral economics; the science of rationalism; neurochemical influences and motivations; cognitive and social biases; motivators and mechanisms

Your Instructor

Leyla Acaroglu
Leyla Acaroglu

Designer and social change agent Dr. Leyla Acaroglu is internationally recognized as a leading expert in the fields of disruptive design, sustainability, design, and education. As a designer, sociologist, educator, and sustainability provocateur, Leyla is widely known as a pioneer of using design as a catalyst for effecting positive social change. Her main stage TED Talk has over a million views, and she is an author and award-winning designer. Her current projects are all about disrupting the way we share and gain knowledge and challenging the status quo around what it means to be ‘sustainable’. She is the founder of The UnSchool, Disrupt Design and Eco Innovators. Leyla has a PhD in disruptive design for social and environmental change and is the developer of the Disruptive Design Method.


Learning Outcomes:

» CRITICAL ANALYSIS: Sift through how you have been taught to think to formulate a base understanding of the mental processes that influence decision making.

» REFLEXIVITY: Discover the cause and effect relationship of neurochemical influencers, while identifying and relating to them in your own life.

» SYSTEMS THINKING: Determine and understand the dynamic relationship between biological systems and social constructionism.

» CREATIVE INTERVENTIONS: Develop the ability to halt cognitive and implicit biases from influencing decision making.ing.


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